Hunter Douglas Woven Wood Blinds Available at Sheila’s Window Toppers


Hunter Douglas Woven Wood Shades

Hunter Douglas Woven Wood Shades are a popular window treatment for a natural blind design. The Provenance Woven Wood blinds have a large material selection from fine wood, bark, natural grasses, bamboo, reeds and  a variety of textures to fit any style of home in Calgary. This allows you to give any room the look and feel of nature at its best, surrounding you with a relaxed decor.

Woven Wood shades are available in a number of different features such as power blinds, independent blackout shade linings, decorative valances, and different levels of privacy.

The design and function of Hunter Douglas Provenance woven wood shades include an innovative blackout system that uses micro-pleated shades directly behind the woven woods, which provides light-filtering and room-darkening options.

Customer woven wood window coverings include clutch operated shades, Top-Down/Bottom-Up shades, specialty angles, multiple shades on one headrail, and flat fabric or MicroPleat opacity options for added privacy. Hobbled or flat options can complement your personality and living quarters by selecting from a variety of reeds, bamboos and grasses.


The Duette Architella Honeycomb Shade Collection With Top Down / Bottom Up
  • Complete light control
  • Top Down / Bottom Up Feature
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