Choosing the Right Drapery Rod

Drapery rods help to finish the look as well as tie everything together. Before selecting your rod, there are a few things to consider: style, material, size and finish. Drapery rods is always dependent on the style of draperies you have selected, for example if you decide to have sheers and panels, a good solution

What Are Your Windows Wearing? Current Drapery Trends

Velvet and silks are popular for panels and draperies. They add a sense of luxury because of the way the fabric catches the light. Sheers are popular in dramatic colors and textures. Many types of sheers are available such as iridescence and printed. Longer 6" or 8" pleats are popular. Double pleats are the newer

Drapery Fabric – Exotic Fever

It is those cold days in the beginning of Winter that make us crave exotic vacations the most.  It is those days when our Design Team looks for ways to bring the Exotic Fever to your home as never before.  Stop by Sheila's Window Toppers today, explore beautiful textiles by Joanne Fabric and learn how

Stardust Shine Drapery

Winter holidays are the best time to shine. Our designers took it all the way to stars. Take a look at our Stardust Shine drapery hardware concept and stay tuned for more. Drop by our Crowfoot Showroom to view our large selection of fabric and drapery hardware rods.