Christmas is the most important Winter holiday. However, making this day special for your children and family is challenging. Choosing a proper color scheme can assist you in achieving this goal from a decorating point of view. Applying interior design rules to a Christmas decor is the key strategy in making your home look complete and harmonious.

Christmas Tone On ToneSuccessful Christmas decor is always based on the selection of a proper color scheme. In order to do so you need to consider the colors you already have so your Christmas decor will actually fit the home’s decor color scheme. Choose decorations in colors that match or nicely contrast the interior design for consistent look.

Tone on Tone

Here we talk specifically of white on white Christmas decor which can establish a very wintery look. Silver and crystals can add shimmer to the room contributing to the holiday appearance. Yet, color on color can create a very rich and lively Christmas design.

Christmas Colour ConsultationColour
White or pastel walls and neutral or black furniture can handle many different colors. Decorations in this case can be a deal of adding a splash of color. Choose purples, reds, blues, oranges or aqua. Bright is the key word here.

Metallic or white
If your home decor has many colors and patterns the best way to go neutral. Definition of neutrals in this case would be white and all metallic shades like gold, bronze, copper and most wintery of all -silver. Any of these will stand out and won’t conflict with the patterns. Floral upholstery that speak opposite to winter scheme can be covered with white or neutral coverlets to neutralize conflict.

Choosing color scheme can be difficult yet it shouldn’t be. Christmas is meant to be happy and cheerful and there is no right or wrong strategy for Christmas decor as long as joy is the main concept.